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The District planning, Southern part of Gorki-10 town, Moscow region
The design of the Offices on Kozhevnicheskaya str., Moscow
The Technological park planning for the Science city of Zelenograd
Variative District planning on Admiral Makarov str., Moscow
Contest design of the 'Prostor' bakery plant reconstruction in Moscow

The Dwelling compex, designed for Kastanaevskaya str., Moscow
Planning of the civil dictrict near metro Chertanovskaya, Moscow
Planning of the civil dictrict 'Savvino' in the city of Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region
The Design of Multifunctional offices on Arbat str., Moscow

Transportation hub. Designed for metro Tushinskaya, Moscow
The Dwelling tower with medical clinic and underground parking. Designed for Smolenskaya emb., Moscow
'Mikhalkovo' Tecnological park conceptual planning, Moscow
The Design of the 'Building to the III millenium' for Gagarin sq., Moscow

The Design of Sport-and-shopping centre in the city of Viazma, Smolensk region
The Multifunctional office towers on Vavilova str., Moscow
The Design of Office tower on Lenin ave., Moscow
The District planning on Derbenevskaya emb., Moscow